My Philosophy

When it comes to teaching method, I believe there is no one way to teach any given player.  This is because there is no single way to swing the golf club since everyone is built differently.  Some players will swing upright, others flat and others may have a loop showing two planes.  The reality here is that none of that matters.  What does matter however, is how the golf club moves through impact and how your body moves conducive to the club movement to produce the golf swing.

There are two major components.  One is how the club moves through impact.  Two is how the body works to produce number one.  Without both of these components working together properly, you will not make consistent contact with the ball.

Unfortunately, swinging the club improperly for a long time and trying to slap at the ball with our hands have formed unnatural bad habits in our body during the golf swing.  These unnatural movements have muscle memory on their side and they need to be broken down and made natural again.

Learning how the club is supposed to travel through impact is the easy part.  Learning how the body is supposed to work through the swing can be challenging but fortunately, since the way the body is supposed to work is fundamentally natural our body will conform just like when we learned to walk, swim or ride a bike.


- Dan Alton