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"Dan was my golf coach from 2010 - 2013.  He brought my handicap from a 23 to a 10.  More importantly, I learned about the mechanics of my swing and how to self-diagnose my mistakes throughout my round or practice session.  I don't know where my golf game would be without Dan."                   Alex Kirby

Baltimore Country Club Member

“I started to play golf in my late 40’s and had a few lessons before I went to see Dan Alton. I have made substantial progress since being coached by Dan and progressed to a single digit handicap. He has a direct teaching style that has enabled me to improve drastically in a relatively short period of time. I personally like how he has simplified the process for me and I’m now less concerned about the mechanics of my swing. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to really improve their game”

                  Jon Davison

Wildwood Green G.C. Member

“I am extremely pleased with the process of moving me from a classic-release swing to the modern rotational golf swing. Thanks to your methodical step-by-step approach, complete with clear explanations, after just 6 lessons I am hitting the ball more solidly and consistently than I have ever done. I played golf with the old-school swing for well over 40 years, so it took a while to adapt to the new method. I can now hit all my clubs farther, higher and more accurately than before. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to make a new start in golf with a transition to the rotational swing. I have played several rounds close to par over the past several months, so I am very pleased overall.”

Greg Mossinghoff

Wildwood Green G.C. Member


"Ever since I started playing golf approximately 25 years ago, I’ve had a passion for improving my game.  I’ve had countless lessons throughout the years from various instructors.  Since I started working with Dan around 3 years ago, I haven’t had a lesson from any other teacher and I can’t see that changing.  Dan is the only coach I’ve ever worked with who actually shows you how your body needs to move in order to get into the proper impact position.  If you’re tired of throwing away money on lessons and seeing no improvement, give Dan a call and get ready for a swing you can trust."

Mike Gower

Country Club of Johnston County Member

“After reflecting on the lessons you have given me, I am very pleased that I am working with you.  Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  You notice all the aspects of my swing to easily help me correct the things that need to be addressed. In our short time together, you have helped me understand the proper moves as evidenced by a straighter, longer, and higher ball flight.  I look forward to continue working together to improve my game.  Thank you for all you have done.”   Charles Horn

  (Senior Pro Tour Winner)

Wildwood Green G.C. Member

 "Shortly after my retirement, I realized that playing golf was not fun for me anymore.  I have taken lessons before and nothing really changed for me.  I decided to try one more time and I am very thankful that I did.  After meeting Dan Alton at Wildwood Green, I have been fortunate to have taken lessons from him for the last few months.  Dan has worked with me on all parts of my game and has willingly gone over techniques more than once until I got things right.  He is a very skilled and patient teacher who has helped me to truly begin to understand how to use my body to develop the swing that has changed my game and helped make playing golf enjoyable once again.  Dan has the heart of a teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their golf game.  I know I look forward to continue working with him in the months ahead."  The Rev. Dr. Bob Sawyer

             Wildwood Green G.C. Member

“When I started working with Dan I was really struggling with my swing and golf game as a whole. Dan not only helped me with my swing and fundamentals, he also helped me with the on-course mental side as well.  I’m an extremely feel oriented player and Dan is all about the feelings you have in your golf swing that produce the proper mechanics.  He does not use the basic position by position instructions that most teachers use, instead he uses a broad knowledge of the golf swing combined with how it feels to create each sequence within the swing.  Using this method, he is able to improve each student in such a way that is unique to each player.”

Zach Seabolt

Professional Golfer